Marilyn Manson Portrait Of An American Family

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A1 Prelude (The Family Trip) A2 Cake And Sodomy A3 Lunchbox A4 Organ Grinder A5 Cyclops A6 Dope Hat A7 Get Your Gunn B1 Wrapped In Plastic B2 Dogma B3 Sweet Tooth B4 Snake Eyes And Sissies B5 My Monkey C1 Misery Machine Portrait Demos / Rehearsals 1993 C2 Insect Pins C3 Magic 8 Ball C4 Scaredy Cat C5 Sick City (An Acoustic Charles Manson Cover) The Family Jams 1992 D1 Intro D2 Dope Hat D3 Strange Same Dogma D4 Let Your Ego Die D5 Thingmaker D6 White Knuckles D7 Luci In The Sky With Demons


Дебютный альбом Мэрлина Мэнсона (1994 г) на двойном цветном виниле с 11-ю бонус треками из раннего периода.
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Executive Producer Trent Reznor.

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