Hypnoskull Operation Tough Guy!

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A1. Operation Tough Guy (Reprise) A2. D.E.A.D. Track A3. Biotech Brainkillers (Deconstructed) A4. Operation Tough Guy A5. One Thousand 979 Tales Of The Dark City B1. Stainless Steel Stereo Equipped Animals B2. We Know It All - We Know All B3. Everything Is Operationable B4. The Shadowroller Part 2 B5. Operation Tough Guy, But We'll Be Back C1. Desire C2. Give It To Me C3. Psychotic Bass C4. The Final Strike D1. Push>Eject>Return! D2. Take Your Head Off D3. Effective Mind Mechanism D4. Kill Switch (2001.V)


Сборник работ с нескольких релизов, выпущенных лэйблом Ant-Zen.

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