Frank Zappa Could This Be....... Joe's Garage Act's IV And V Live?

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A1 Watermelon In Easter Hay A2 Teenage Wind A3 Harder Than Your Husband A4 Bamboozled By Love A5 Pick Me I'm Clean B1 Society Pages B2 I'm A Beautiful Guy B3 Beauty Knows No Pain B4 Charlie's Enormous Mouth B5 Any Downers B6 Conehead B7 You Are What You Is C1 Easy Meat C2 Mud Club C3 The Meek Shall Inherit Nothing C4 Heavenly Bank Account D1 Suicide Chump D2 Jumbo D3 You Just Got Drafted D4 I Don't Wanna Get Drafted D5 Joe's Garage


Редкий бутлег с записью живых выступлений с нескольких концертов 1980 года.


Recorded live from:
Fox Theater, Atlanta, 20-Apr-1980
MacArthur Court, Eugene, Oregon, 27-Mar-1980
Music Hall, Boston, Massachusettes, 3-May-1980

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