Stiff Little Fingers All The Best

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A1 Suspect Device A2 Wasted Life A3 Alternative Ulster A4 78 RPM A5 Gotta Gettaway A6 Bloody Sunday A7 Straw Dogs A8 You Can't Say Crap On The Radio B1 At The Edge B2 Running Bear (Live) B3 White Christmas (Live) B4 Nobody's Hero B5 Tin Soldiers B6 Back To Front B7 Mr Fire Coal Man C1 Just Fade Away C2 Go For It C3 Doesn't Make It All Right (Live) C4 Silver Lining C5 Safe As Houses C6 Sad-Eyed People C7 Two Guitars Clash D1 Listen D2 That's When Your Blood Bumps D3 Good For Nothing D4 Talkback D5 Stands To Reason D6 Bits Of Kids D7 Touch And Go D8 The Price Of Admission


Сборник синглов с 1978 по 1983 год.
Английский оригинал 1983 года.


© 1983 Chrysalis Records Ltd
Made in the UK

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